Attraction Beyond Measure: Empowering Industries with Innovative Magnetic Solutions.

You’ll discover a diverse selection of magnets in our inventory, including Neodymium, Ferrite, and flexible varieties. From everyday applications like those found in factories, warehouses, offices, crafts, hobbies, and DIY projects to specialized industrial uses, our range caters to various needs. Whether you require magnets for school or home use, or custom-made solutions for industrial applications such as detecting and removing unwanted tramp iron, we’ve got you covered.

Industrial Products

Grid Magnets

Grid magnets are specialized magnetic separators designed to efficiently remove ferrous contaminants from dry or liquid materials in industrial processing applications.

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Sweeper Magnets

"Sweeper magnets: Efficient and convenient tools for effortlessly collecting metal debris, ensuring cleanliness and safety in industrial, commercial, and home environments."

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Scrap Handling Magnets

"Scrap handling magnets: Powerful and reliable solutions for swiftly lifting and transporting ferrous scrap materials, optimizing efficiency and safety in recycling and metal processing operations."

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Magnetic Drum Separators

"Magnetic drum separator: A versatile solution for efficiently separating and removing ferrous contaminants from bulk materials, enhancing processing efficiency and product purity across various industries."

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