The Broom Sweeper stands out as a durable, push-type sweeper tailored for flat surfaces. Crafted with professionals in mind, it encompasses essential features such as quick clean-off, height adjustability, lifting power, and robustness to withstand heavy use. Its user-friendly design facilitates swift debris removal, requiring just a simple pull of the convenient debris release handle, eliminating the need for bending or lifting.

Recommended for concrete and asphalt surfaces, the Broom Sweeper excels in efficiently clearing away debris. However, it’s not suitable for use on grassy areas.

Utilizing Magnetic Sweepers offers a swift, safe, and time-efficient method for cleaning various surfaces including floors, driveways, construction sites, and more. The Magnetic Floor Sweeper, equipped with potent permanent ceramic magnets, effortlessly attracts and gathers scattered scrap metal, while its rubber wheels ensure smooth maneuverability. With the added convenience of the debris release handle, users can effortlessly dispose of collected debris, enhancing overall user experience and value.