Magnets aren’t just for keeping lists and photos in place on your fridge – they also serve as a touch of personal decoration. It seems as though the sky is your limit when it comes to making your own fridge magnets, here’s a few fridge magnet ideas for decoration and handy helping!

1. Magnetic fridge pen

If you’ve got a grocery list that lives on your refrigerator but never seem to have a pen nearby, we tell you how to make a magnetic pen on the cheap and easy. All you need is a pen and a small 5 x 1.5mm magnet.

What to do:

  • Open the pen by removing the outer sleeve around the tubing
  • Using some scissors, snip of about 1mm less than the length of the Magnet
  • Insert magnet into pen, then put the pen back together


2. Photo memories

The importance of having printed family photos in your home gives you a sense of belonging. It gives you a visual of the past, a visual of the present, and the ability to imagine the future. All you have to do is the following:

  • Print pictures you want displayed on the fridge and cut it out (choose your own size dimensions preferably not to big)
  • Elaminate the pictures and cut out 0.3cm wider over the pictures
  • Buy flexible magnetic adhesive sheets (A4- preferably, enough for your picture coverage)
  • Place the pictures to the magnetic sheets stickable side and cut out

It’s as easy as that! They can be touched, moved around, and shown to friends.

3. Scrabble me up

Make Scrabble part of your fridge to write, play and be creative.

What you will need:

-Scrabble letters

-Flexible magnetic adhesive sheets


Firstly, cut up your magnetic sheet to fit the back of your scrabble squares. Place the magnetic sheets stickable side to the blank sides of your scrabble squares. Repeat for all squares…

Now go stick them on your fridge, so easy right?


4. Create cute kitchen bin

This is a quick craft to make for your refrigerator. Attach small ferrite hard/rare earth magnets using glue onto vintage tins to make fridge decor that also acts as an extra storage spot.

This project couldn’t be any simpler–magnets, glue, pretty tins–lather, rinse, repeat.




5. Personalised DIY Candy- Marble magnets

Spark up your fridge with your own creatively designed marble magnets. What you will need:

  • Flat glass marble, however you are only limited by your imagination! These glass tiles come in various sizes and shapes like squares, ovals, circles, scrabble tiles, rectangles, etc.
  • Scrapbook paper- patterns of your choice or any arty design on paper to be wide enough to completely cover the back of the glass marble.
  • Small, round, Rare Earth Magnets
  • Adhesive Spray/glue

Put the glue/adhesive spray to the paper design and place the flat backed marbles down on it and press down. Let dry. Then cut between the marbles to separate them. Cut the marbles out using your scissors, and then place the magnets on the back with the spray/glue adhesive. Let set for 24 hours before gifting or placing on your own fridge.