1. Magnetic Slime

Putty is really fun to play with. It stretches and squishes. If you hold it up, it oozes down to the floor in a long strand! Adding the element of magnet play makes it even more awesome. This is a great project to put on your to-do list for a rainy day, vacation time, or summer!

Magnetic slime is fun because it has some unique properties: it is viscoelastic, meaning it can be stretched and shaped and mashed back together again; and as its apparent viscosity increases directly with respect to the amount of force applied. Also, it bounces.

How you can make your own for a fraction of the price and in about 20 minutes;

To make your own magnetic slime, you will need:

  • Liquid starch – Usually at stores cleaning products range
  • Bostik Art & Craft white glue
  • Iron Oxide powder
  • Disposable bowls for mixing it up –Use craft sticks for stirring.
  • A neodymium (rare earth) magnet – A regular magnet won’t be strong enough.
  • Disposable gloves

The secret ingredient that makes the putty magnetic is an iron oxide powder, which is ferric (magnetic). Ferric iron oxide is a fine powder used as black pigment and can be found at art stores.

Step 1:  Pour 1/4 cup of liquid starch into a bowl. Add 2 Tablespoons of iron powder and stir until well mixed. Then close lid on iron oxide powder to reduce excess iron dust escaping.

Step 2:  Add 1/4 cup white glue and mix. It will look like a huge mess that isn’t going to turn into anything, but keep stirring!

Step 3:  Take the slime out of the bowl and mix with your hands. Squish and squish until it’s well mixed. There will be some liquid left in the bowl that isn’t part of the slime, and that’s fine

Step 4: Experiment and Have Fun!

That’s it, you’re done! Grab your magnet and start experimenting with your new magnetic putty.

You can stretch out a strand and make it follow your magnet, you can polarize your putty to work as a magnet itself, and then there’s the classic of placing the magnet directly on the putty and watching it envelop the magnet. There’s plenty of fun to be made!

2. Cookie sheet chore charts

To Make the Magnets:

  • Buy little wooden circles at any craft shop to make the chore magnets from.
  • Paint each circle with any colour acrylic paint.
  • Print out cleaning graphics and a chore from the computer.
  • Cut out each graphic and stick it with glue adhesive to the dried circle
  • Cut out a flexible adhesive magnetic sheet in circle shapes and stick it to the back of the chore circle.

To Make the magnetic Chore Chart Board:

  • Use baking sheets (big enough to add all chores) as the board background
  • Paint and decorate them according to your style
  • Buy flexible magnetic vinyl letters to write child’s name, to do, and done (Can be bought at Modern Magnetics)
  • Adhere the vinyl letters to the painted baking sheet

To Hang the Chore Chart:

  • Put two small holes in the top of the pan using a hammer and nail
  • You can thread a ribbon through the holes and tie it into a bow at the top of the pan to hang it.

And your chores are done!



3. Children Magnetic play board

It’s really simple and inexpensive to make and can occupy and teach your child for decent chunks of time while you’re busy. You can take any small flat shaped children’s toy (not too heavy) and stick flexible adhesive magnetic strips/neodymium magnets to it. Letters, numbers, symbols and learning magnets (all available to buy from us) can be used to play with, there’s no end to magnetising possibilities!

Start by measuring the side of the cabinet that you want to apply the board to and create your magnetic board (click on link to see how). Using the magnetic paint as a board is the best option because its quick and easy and the bonus is that it can be used as a chalkboard as well!