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Magnetic Badge Holders: Secure, Comfortable, and Hassle-Free Badge Attachment


Badge magnets offer a convenient and secure way to attach badges, name tags, identification cards, or other lightweight items to clothing without the need for pins or clips. Here’s a detailed description:

  1. Magnetic Attachment: Badge magnets feature two components: a powerful magnet and a metal plate or disc. The magnet is typically encased within a plastic or metal housing for protection. When the magnet and metal plate are brought together, they create a strong magnetic attraction that securely holds the badge or ID in place.
  2. No Pins or Clips: Unlike traditional badge fasteners such as pins or clips, badge magnets do not puncture or damage clothing. This eliminates the risk of snags, holes, or injuries commonly associated with pins and clips, making them a more comfortable and user-friendly option for attaching badges.
  3. Easy to Use: Using badge magnets is simple and straightforward. Users can attach the metal plate to the back of the badge or ID using adhesive or a built-in slot. Once the metal plate is in place, the magnet can be positioned on the inside of clothing, and the badge or ID will securely attach to the outside of the fabric through magnetic attraction.
  4. Secure Hold: Despite their small size, badge magnets provide a strong and secure hold, ensuring that badges and IDs remain in place throughout the day. This eliminates the risk of badges falling off or becoming misplaced, providing peace of mind to wearers and minimizing the need for constant adjustments.
  5. Reusable and Versatile: Badge magnets are reusable and can be easily transferred between different badges or clothing items. This versatility allows users to customize their badge display or switch between different badges as needed, making them suitable for various events, conferences, workplaces, and volunteer activities.
  6. Slim and Lightweight: Badge magnets are designed to be slim and lightweight, ensuring minimal bulkiness and discomfort when worn. Their low-profile design allows badges to lay flat against clothing, maintaining a professional appearance without adding unnecessary bulk.
  7. Durable and Long-lasting: Constructed from durable materials such as neodymium magnets and sturdy plastic or metal housings, badge magnets are built to withstand daily wear and tear. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making them a practical and cost-effective badge fastening solution.

Overall, badge magnets offer a convenient, secure, and comfortable alternative to traditional badge fasteners, providing a hassle-free way to display badges, name tags, and IDs without damaging clothing.

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Magnetic Steel Badge – 45 x 12.5mm, Round Steel Button Badge – 17mm


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