Magnetic Yoke: Operating principle

Magnetic yokes serve as inspection systems, especially for inspection of magnetism. Thanks to their ergonomic shape and their light weight, our magnetic hand yokes are easy to handle yet exceptionally powerful. Magnetic Yokes performs Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI testing) that detects all surface- and near surface- cracks which, corresponding to their position and size, proportionally [...]


Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Head Pulleys provide ongoing self-cleaning of both large and fine iron particles on a conveyor belt. While products move across the conveyor belt, it reaches the magnetic head pulley and enters the magnetic field where metal impurities are drawn and held securely to the conveyor belt magnet. Magnetic Head Pulleys are designed and built [...]


Why use Badge Magnets?

Name badges are essential for corporate events, conferences, and employees who deal with customers on a daily basis. For companies that order name tags regularly, badge magnets are a convenient option - combining high-quality finishes with a product that's a pleasure to use. Here are some reasons why badge magnets are the way to go. [...]