Magnets are great! Whether you love the sheer brilliance of how they stick together, or you’ve always wanted to learn new and creative ways of using them in your daily life. Here is a few ways to implement magnets into your DIY projects. From decorating to keeping things in their place, these projects are amazing, and so very easy to do! So, if you have a bit of time for a great new DIY project, and you’ve always wanted to do something great with magnets, this is for you. Let’s learn some new ways to put those magnets to good use.

DIY Fridge magnet ideas

Magnets aren’t just for keeping lists and photos in place on your fridge – they also serve as a touch of personal decoration. It seems as though the sky is your limit when it comes to making your own fridge magnets, here’s a few fridge magnet ideas for decoration and handy helping! Read more..

How to make a Magnetic Board

A magnetic board  comes in handy in many ways… These organizers can be custom- designed and crafted to suit a variety of possibilities and needs.

There are two ways to make a magnetic board. The easiest way  is to take a poster frame, cardboard, or any board strong enough to hold your magnets  and apply   a number of layers of  Magnetic Paint. You can paint over the black magnetic paint with a colour PVA of your choosing- your board never loses its magnetic attraction! Read more…

Things to do with Magnets at Home

Tackle some of your biggest home organization challenges with the help of small-but-mighty neodymium magnets and flexible adhesive magnetic sheets/stripsfrom us.In most homes, the only magnets are the ones studding the refrigerator door. And while many of us would be lost without the conveniently located everyday reminders posted there, magnets are actually quite versatile and can be used in so many different ways, not only in the kitchen, but also elsewhere in the home. Scroll down to see five ingenious DIY uses of magnets. Read more…

Magnet ideas for kids

Putty is really fun to play with. It stretches and squishes. If you hold it up, it oozes down to the floor in a long strand! Adding the element of magnet play makes it even more awesome. This is a great project to put on your to-do list for a rainy day, vacation time, or summer!

Magnetic slime is fun because it has some unique properties: it is viscoelastic, meaning it can be stretched and shaped and mashed back together again; and as its apparent viscosity increases directly with respect to the amount of force applied. Also, it bounces. Read more…

Strong Magnetic Bottle Opener

Something to “catch” a man’s heart, time and beer caps!

This can be a great little project that will add a restaurant feel to your kitchen or workshop (wherever you prefer to have a cold one). The bottle opener will stick to any ferrous metal surface, like steel or iron, even a fridge door! The strong magnets can hold a lot of bottle caps, so you don’t have to worry about having to clean it off often. Materials needed. Read more…

Magnetic Beauty

Ladies always have too much when it comes to beauty, especially make-up accessories. Here’s a few DIY projects to keep your beauty products organised and looking as pretty as you feel with them on.
Provide easy access to organize your makeup: In some parts of the home, such as the bathroom or mirror case , there’s a finite set of things that lady’s always reach for. A Magnetic make-up board is pure genius and it’s a great way to keep yourself organized and your favourite items on hand. Read more…