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Adhesive Magnetic Segments (100 Per Sheet)

R43.70 incl VAT

Adhesive flexible Magnetic Segments

Modern Magnetics Flexible Adhesive Magnetic Segments (80x40mm) are so very versatile when you need to or want to add something different to your work and projects…. Make your artwork, signs, displays, business cards, flyers, posters, photos & photo boards, notice board, menus…. MAGNETIC, with our wide range of Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Segments.


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Adhesive flexible Magnetic Rectangles

  • 40 X 20 mm
  • 100 segments per sheet
  • .5mm thickness
  • Self-adhesive

Modern Magnetics Magnetic Rectangles (80x40mm) are ideal to turn your standard business card into a magnetic business card.  Simply peel off the protective layer from the adhesive side and attach your business card.  Voila!  Magnetic business card in an instant and onto your’s clients fridge or front gate, making it a fantastic marketing tool.  The average person opens their fridge an average of 7 times per day….and looks at your business card. These versatile segments can be used in so many different ways; signage, displays, flyers, posters, photos, photo boards, menus….  Make them all MAGNETIC!
With our wide range of Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Rectangles.

Various applications :

  • Classrooms, Offices, Craft Projects, Home, Factories, Warehouses, Camping
  • Various sizes & thickness
  • Cuts easily using scissors
  • Non Toxic

Whether you have for instance; a school project, or need to organize your warehouse, garage, office, kitchen. Similarly need to advertise your business, give more visibility to your
Modern Magnetics superior quality segments are sold on a sheet of 25 pre-cut rectangles to aid, ease, facilitate and simplify whatever your need for our magnetic rectangles might be.

Check out this video on how to use our adhesive flexible magnetic segments to make your own insect repellent net, to keep bugs and mosquitos at bay.

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