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Fishing Magnet 75mm

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Fishing magnets for magnetic fishing

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75mm Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet. Pulling force of 120 kg. Makes use of a strong neodymium magnet to recover magnetic objects from water.


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Fishing magnets for magnetic fishing

Magnet fishing, also called magnetic fishing is searching in outdoor waters for ferromagnetic objects with a strong neodymium magnet .
Makes use of a strong neodymium magnet to recover magnetic objects from water.

Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet, Combined 230 kg Pulling Force Ultra Strong Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt for Magnet Fishing and Retrieving in water – 75 mm Diameter.

Magnet Fishing, what magnets ?

You need a very strong magnet for magnet fishing. It’s best to have the strongest magnet for your size that is secured with the correct rope. Keeping in mind that the magnet’s pull force will be at its greatest when the metal object is completely flush against the actual magnet.
During magnet fishing, full on flat contact is tricky to achieve because objects resting at the bottom of the surface for long periods of time tend to accumulate various remains of soil, mud, rust, algae, grime etc… and the metal object itself is likely to be at a weird angle. Which is why a stronger magnet will have a stronger pulling force, to compensate for these irregularities. Remember also that the bigger finds will need a stronger magnets for pulling metal objects,  dragging them through, and out of the water.
Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishing Gear Up :what you need to go looking for treasure


Used to search for lost items or trawl for treasure 
Various sizes available

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