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Hand Held Neodymium Magnet

R4,140.00R5,520.00 incl VAT

Hand Held Neodymium Field Magnet

  • Remove Tramp Iron From A Flow Of Materials
  • Ferromagnetic Decontamination
  • Easy, Versatile, Practical

Our easy-to-grip Hand held Magnetic field magnets are ideal for picking up small metal objects, which makes Ferrous / Non Ferrous separation ( screws, nails, iron filings, needles or any tramp iron) easy!

Strong magnetic pull force due to the power of the Neodymium magnets used. In a variety of sizes :

  • 125mm X 75mm
  • 125mm X 125mm
  • 50mm X 125mm.

Hand held Ferrite Magnet also available in the 125mm X 125mm Model.


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Hand Held Neodymium Magnet

Easy to grip, practical and versatile, Modern Magnetics Hand Held Neodymium Magnets are ideal for ferrous/non ferrous separation.
For the easy separation of ferromagnetic parts, such as screws, nails, iron filings.

  • A Powerful accessory in picking up and moving ferrous metal items like aluminium cans, nails, screws, nuts or any small metal objects.
  • For the use of lifting and moving.
  • Lifts small parts effectively from bins, tables, floors.
  • Separates ferrous materials from non-ferrous.
  • Retrieves lost objects. Cleans up scatter.
  • Moves components into position and alignment.

Neodymium magnets also known as Neo’s or Rare Earth magnets, are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.


  • Material : Neodymium Magnet
  • Type : Permanent
  • Sizes : 75mm X25mm | 125mm X 125mm | 125mm X 150mm
  • Colour : Silver


  • Scrap Yards
  • Recycling Plants
  • Farms and Agricultural Holdings
  • Warehouses
  • Motor Garages
  • Factories

Neo’s or rare earth magnets are made up of alloy of neodymiumiron and boron.

Hand Held Neodymium Magnets have a high resistance to demagnetization, also known as their curie point, will not lose their magnetization around other magnets or if dropped,  however, will begin to lose their strength if they are heated above their maximum operating temperature – 80°C.

In Conclusion, our Hand Held Neodymium Field Magnet is powerful
Most noteworthy these magnets must be handled with care, the stronger magnetic fields can be hazardous therefore must be handled carefully:

  • Danger of breaking or chipping.
  • Danger if not used properly.
  • Blood blisters and cuts.
  • Magnetically sensitive items ie: credit cards, mobile phones, pacemaker…..

For further information on our Hand Held Neodymium Field Magnet, please visit our page Hand held Field Magnet

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125mm X 125 mm, 75mm X 125mm, 175mm X 125mm

Stainless Steel Cladding

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