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Magnetic Wristband

R198.95 incl VAT

MAGNETIC WRISTBAND Extremely strong rare earth (neodymium) magnets, superior quality durable Magnetic wristband.

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MAGNETIC WRISTBAND Fitted with strong neodymium magnets

Not just a pretty accessory. From lightweight screws, nails, drill bits….This ‘dynamite’ in a small package packs quite the punch, Capable of holding a monkey wrench or a hammer.Making DIY, Crafting, fishing, sewing, hairdressing, farrier-ing…  any work, hobby or sport involving metal tools and parts such a pleasure .
The BAMBAZONKI‘s design, functionality, quality and utility makes this magnetic wristband a must have because not only comfortable, easy to wear for wrists of all sizes, our Magnetic wristband aptly named “BAMBAZONKI”  means “Take Everything” (in Fanagolo) does just that!

Adjustable lightweight band that secures quite securely around your wrist with a velcro fastener. 8 embedded neodymium magnets  provide ample space and strength for your metal tools and parts. Prevent dropping nails and screws, going up and down ladders to your toolbox therefore gaining time and efficiency.
All metal bits n bobs, nails, screws, pins, washers, nuts, bolts, scissors….In one place where you can keep them and find them when needed. Applications are endless wide and varied. Convenient and a safety measure.
No Toolbox or crafters corner or DIY-er should be without their BAMBAZONKI.
Order yours today, available in either red or black, You won’t look back!