Flexible Magnetics

Flexible magnet for vehicle magnetic signs

  • Permanently magnetised
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Standard width – 620mm wide on a 15m roll

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Sweeper Magnets

The sturdy magnetic floor sweeper picks up and removes nails, screws, bolts, tin and any other metal contamination.

  • Hand held magnetic sweepers.
  • Forklift mounted magnetic sweepers.
  • Tow behind magnetic sweepers.

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Lifting Magnets

  • ISO 9000 approved
  • 100kg – 5,000kg
  • battery operated lifting magnets provide solutions to lifting problems.
  • Lift steel plate, block steel, machine parts and more.

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Bore Hole Magnets

Bore hole magnets can retrieve up to 75kg of broken drill bits or any other foreign steel objects from Boreholes or Pits.

  • Diameter – 145mm
  • Essential tool for every drilling company
  • Insulated in moulded P.V.C for easy lowering down shafts.

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Badge Magnets

Badge name plates are the perfect choice for custom engraved name plates. A great way to present an employee’s name, promotion, company logo and business trademark.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, plastic or steel.

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Ferrite/ Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic magnets are made of Barium and Strontium ferrite; Grade G8 Ceramic.

They are charcoal grey in colour, brittle, very hard and very resistant to corrosion.

Available in, rings, discs, blocks and cylinders.

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Neodymium/ Rare Earth Magnets


Neodymium magnets are composed of Neodymium, iron, boron and a few

transition metals. The magnets are extremely strong for their size, they appear metallic in appearance.

Available in, discs, rings, blocks and cylinders.

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Self Cleaning Overband Suspended Magnets


  • Continuous tramp iron removal
  • Continuous ferrous contamination removal
  • Designed as either ‘in-line’ or ‘crossbelt’ magnets
  • In-line or crossbelt magnets

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Suspended Permanent Belt Magnets

  • Suspended over conveyor belts
  • Extract ferrous contamination
  • Protect processing equipment

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Magnetic Head Pulleys

  • Continuous protection
  • Remove tramp iron and ferrous filings
  • Available as a permanent or electro-magnet
  • Built into belt conveyors

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Magnetic Separator Drums


  • Available for wet and dry applications
  • Extract iron contamination from a variety of products
  • Custom designed to your specifications

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Bar Magnets


  • Custom designed to your specifications
  • Remove ferrous contamination in free-flow gravity fall.
  • Ideal for food industry.

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Grate Magnets & Hopper Magnets


  • Custom designed to your specifications
  • Remove ferrous contamination in free-flow gravity fall.
  • Ideal for food industry.

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Magnetic Liquid Traps

  • Remove ferrous contamination from liquids
  • Eliminate fine and micro ferrous particles
  • Easy maintenance, maximum performance

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Pipe Magnets & Bullet Magnets


  • Installed in pipelines or chutes
  • Extract iron particles
  • Cost effective

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Chute Magnets


  • Ideal for high volume product flow
  • Powerful magnets remove tramp iron contamination
  • Installed in chutes or vertical down pipes

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Hump Magnets


  • High volume dry material flow
  • Separate ferrous contamination
  • Made to order for round, rectangular and square chutes

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Scrap Handling Magnets


  • Heavy duty magnetic lifting
  • Power supply included
  • Custom builds for scrap yards, steel mills and more

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Gauss Meter

A Gauss meter is a portable instrument that utilizes a Hall probe (sensor) to measure the instantaneous value of magnetic induction and the strength of magnetic field in terms of gauss, tesla or ampere/meter.

Advantages are:

    • simplicity of design;
    • ease of operation;
    • high metrological characteristic

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Magnetic Wristband-Bambazonki

The Bambazonki Magnetic Wristband is a must have tool for every toolkit!
From hobbyist, home improvements to many more DIY jobs…

  • 6 Strong efficiently placed Neodymium magnets to ensure a solid, durable and reinforced product
  • Lightweight and flexible wristband made of premium 100% nylon fabric with a velcro adjustable strap
  • Our magnetic wrist-mate is adjustable to fit any adult wrist. Great for both men and women.

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Magnetic Yoke

Magnetic yokes serve as inspection systems, especially for inspection of magnetism.

Thanks to their ergonomic shape and their light weight, our magnetic hand yokes are easy to handle yet exceptionally powerful.

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Reflective Magnets

Reflective Magnets are used for vehicle identification and industry safety or just a high impact reflective magnet for your business. The Reflective Magnet allows you to advise “on-the-go” at any hour, or quickly update your signage at a temporary work site.

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Mobile Separating Plant

Our Mobile separating plant is a complete solution for the separation of metal and aluminium-tin can material.

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