Our permanent suspension belt magnets are suspended over the conveying belt, using sling chains attached to suspension lugs.Suspended Permanent Belt MagnetsDesigned to extract ferrous contaminants from many different materials being processed, these are ideal for tramp iron removal from a range of materials, including coal, stone, wood chippings, Suspended Permanent Belt Magnetsfertilisers, animal feeds and more.Protect your high cost and valuable processing equipment with suspended permanent belt magnets.

Our stock sizes are 500mm and 700mm, but for special applications, our engineers will custom design suspended belt magnets to fit all conveyor belts widths.

Industry Applications

  • MiningSuspended Permanent Belt Magnets
  • Quarrying
  • Power Stations
  • Stone/Aggregate
  • Wood Processing
  • Brickyards
  • Steelworks
  • Plastics
  • Animal Feeds
  • Cement