Personal On-Site Magnet Consultation

A Modern Magnetics representative will visit you, on-site, and determine your requirements, providing consultation about the best magnet solution to meet your needs. Our representatives are all experienced in the magnetics industry and will provide the best advice available.

Magnet Inspection and Certification

One of our consultants will test your magnets on-site, this is to ensure that the magnets are in working condition and is used to its full capacity. This is to provide assurance that the quality of the magnets are up to standards and also provides a certificate of approval that will comply with SABS as well as health and safety regulations. Read more…

On-site Magnet Product Demonstration

One of our consultants will demonstrate, on-site, how our products can meet your needs. This demonstration is Modern Magnetics’ way of providing some assurance of our product quality before you purchase any of our magnets.

24-hour Delivery Turnaround

We keep selected magnetic materials and products in stock so that we can provide you with a 24-hour order and delivery turnaround. This service promptness is one of the many advantages of doing business with Modern Magnetics and is clearly representative of our dedication to customers and clients.

Daily Rentals of Industrial Cleaning Magnets and Borehole Reclamation Magnets

Over our years in the industry it has come to our attention that many of our customers and clients have no need to purchase certain magnetic products, as they require them for a once-off purpose only.

To meet this need and offer the most cost-effective solution possible, Modern Magnetics provides daily rentals of our industrial cleaning magnets and our borehole reclamation magnets. This allows you to simply rent the product for the duration of the required task, cutting down on your overall costs.

Magnetic Particle Sweeping

We will bring our magnetic particle sweepers to your location and sweep the area clean. Our sturdy magnetic floor sweepers pick up sharp metal objects swiftly and easily. These are ideal for cleaning the floors of workshops, parking lots, factories and garages avoiding costly tire punctures and injuries.